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The Challenge:

Our client was undergoing a divestment from its parent group, and needed to continue with their existing online training provider for the Retail Credit Risk function. With limited leverage, the client needed to continue with the same commercial value as before, albeit on a much smaller scale of business. The vendor was looking at this change in ownership as an opportunity to significantly increase their revenue on the account. It was difficult for the business to see how they could reconcile the competing objectives.

The Solution

Our negotiation approach was to leverage the past relationship, with a view to obtaining favourable commercial terms not normally associated with customers with the smaller volume of business. We also ensured an impending major upgrade by the vendor would be implemented free of charge, as well as incorporating some planned upgrades in the course content for free. Overall, our client actually saved money over the term of the deal, by considering the wider costs saved to the business.


Lower overall cost

User numbers

days delivery

Amazing Result

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