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We negotiate deals for clients with their Technology , Recruitment and Professional Service providers





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1 Requirements

We convert your business requirements into a clear statement to ensure firms understand and shape their proposal correctly.

2 Proposals

We engage your preferred firms and request their proposal. We also manage any Q&A they may have.

3 Evaluation

We review all proposals, summarise and evaluate with yourselves to get a clear view on relative merits

4 Negotiation

We prepare, deliver and conclude commercial negotiations, bearing in mind any key contract points too.


Key features

  • High touch consultation with key internal stakeholders – face to face preferred where possible
  • Discrete, professional service orientated mindset, with creative thinking to resolve challenging situations during negotiation.
  • Represent your organisation with confidence and trust, based on over 16 years of representing top tier companies.
  • Full audit of all documentation created and used to ensure clear agreement of actions & decisions
  • Side by side during negotiations, providing leadership and support as required to your Senior Management

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Key benefits

  • Only use our services when you need
  • Direct and indirect benefit delivery contributes to funding our fees
  • Professional negotiators with deep experience in complex, challenging business environments.
  • Accessible professionals providing Senior Managers and Directors with Advice & Guidance through key points of negotiation with highly experienced Professional Service firms
  • Post deal review to ensure all negotiated points are being delivered.
Simon Burke

Simon Burke

Ollie and Forbes is lead by Simon Burke, based in Edinburgh, with over 16 years of commercial negotiation experience at some of the UK’s best known companies including: British Airways,  Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal & Sun Alliance, Barclays Group, Barclays Capital, Lloyds Banking Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, National Australia Group and Clydesdale Bank.

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